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6 – 20 April 2024

Home, I’m Darling

When Judy sets out to become the perfect 1950s housewife, the Martins are living the dream. Johnny has a beautiful wife, a beautiful home, and a promotion on the horizon. Judy is revelling in the joys of domesticity; making cakes, cocktails and homemade marmalade. But cracks are starting to appear in this beautiful façade which threatens their domestic bliss as the realities of living in the 21st Century forces its way into their bubble of idealism. Whether it’s in the form of Johnny’s new (young, female) boss, the contemporary cost of living on a ‘50s budget and one income or Judy’s critical mother, the present insists on being dealt with. 

In Laura Wade’s smart and engaging Home, I’m Darling, nostalgia isn’t not only what it used to be, it collides with present-day realities. This witty, highly original and thought-provoking comedy takes a look at the complexity of women’s choices and the dangers of nostalgia through distinctly rose-coloured glasses. Full of playful, breezy charm, it also packs a considerable punch. The 2019 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, Home, I’m Darling is full of big laughs, big skirts and big questions – how can live simply and yet cope with the pressures of modern life? What do we lose in the present when we try to live in the past? And can you get really stains out of a shirt with just lemon juice and baking soda?

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27 July – 10 august 2024


Never has this master of farce been frenetically funnier!

Henry A. Perkins, a mild mannered C.P.A., accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase… One full of money. Henry assumes it is illicit cash and he decides to keep it. Knowing that the former owner must have his briefcase, he rushes home to book one way fares to Barcelona, they can go to Bali. In fact, they can buy Bali!

The doorbell rings and they wait for their taxi. The police detective at the door thinks Henry was soliciting in the men’s room of the local pub actually, he was sitting in the loo counting the cash. The bell rings again. Another detective arrives thinking Henry is dead; a man with bullet holes in his head and Henry’s briefcase were found in the Thames. Henry’s inept attempts to extricate himself from this impossible situation lead to increasingly hysterical situations.

Saturday 17th february 2024

Funny Money auditions

Auditions for Funny Money will be held on 17th February or by appointment if this date doesn’t suit.

Rehearsals for the show will be on Sunday afternoons, Monday or Tuesday evenings & Thursday evenings commencing 12 May 2024.

The roles are as follows:

Henry Perkins – an insignificant middle-aged middle-class accountant

Jean Perkins – Henry’s wife

Vic Johnson – a friend of Henry & Jean

Betty Johnson – Vic’s wife

Bill – a London Taxi driver

Detective Sergeant Davenport – a bent copper

Detective Sergeant Slater – a straight copper

Mr Big – a large man (minor role)

A plot summary can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funny_Money#Plot_summary 

Please phone Steve on 027 325 3773 or e-mail steve@hijk.net.nz if you require further information or would like to arrange an audition time.

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